Emetophobia Treatment FAQ

What is Emetophobia? Emetohobia is, quite simply, the fear of vomit; but the description is the only thing that's simple about it. It is a very powerful social disease that has significant life changing effects on the person suffering from it if they do not seek emetophobia treatment. The reason it's so life-changing is because, unlike other social phobias, there's nowhere to run! What I mean by that is: If you fear the water, you stay away from it! If you don't like to fly, you just don't, … [Read more...]

Emetophobic vs. The Introvert

Maybe you know someone who is very shy and quiet and doesn't like being around other people. Alternately maybe you know someone who stays inside and they're actually afraid to go outside. This is the person who might be seeking emetophobia treatment. The differences between an emetophobic and in introvert are very different. An introvert simply doesn't like to be around people: they're shy, quiet individuals and just like to be alone. These people don't really have a problem other than not … [Read more...]

Emetophobia Treatment

Proven Emetophobia Treatment Emetophobia Treatment - Doctor Recommended, 100% Guaranteed Some people say that there is no such thing as an emetophobia treatment. Then there are some who hear of the treatment and finally realize that they're not alone in their fear of vomiting. But the fear is very real and whether you know you have it or not, it could be affecting your life in very negative ways. And, just so you know, it's the 5th most common phobia in the world. Note: This is information on … [Read more...]