Mario Badescu Reviews

mario badescu reviews

My Personal Mario Badescu Reviews

I thought I would do Mario Badescu reviews because I own a lot of their products and I just LOVE them. I got started when I received a free sample of products at a trade show; before that I had never heard of them before. What came in their packet was a small cleansing cream some toner and a most excellent sample of hand lotion. All of which were high-quality! I was surprised that they were giving so much away at the show.

==> Note: This is my personal review,
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I order a lot and will review what I have used, but I do have to say that one of the things I like the most about them is that each time you order you get to pick three free sample items. It’s just like shopping at Nordstrom’s but you don’t have to go anywhere. So while I’m re-ordering the things I use every day, I can also pick up some samples of things I might like but am still debating on. This is how I got the whitening cream. I tried the sample – it worked – so I ordered more!

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

I received a free sample of the Whitening Mask and just loved it. It goes on thin and dries quickly. It mario badescu reviewsalso smells good! I use it twice a week because I have dark areas all over my skin from the sun (or something). It really helps to even the tone of the skin and make the dark spots less visible.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

I have never used the Mario Badescu Glycolic foaming cleanser because I love the enzyme cleansing gel so much. Its very light (feels like a cross between a gel and a cream), and doesn’t dry out the skin as I have found the drug store brands do. It also doesn’t foam up so there are no bubbles going up my nose in the shower (certainly I can’t be the only one that happens to!) I was a little afraid to try it because of the “enzyme” part, but the Alpha Hydroxy Acid hasn’t bothered me one bit. I use an enzyme peel also and most of the time I don’t have many dead skin cells that are being sloughed off. I credit this to the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel!

Mario Badescu Eye Cream

I’m 48 years old and maybe not old enough to use the “Special Eye Cream “V” but again, I got samples of it and I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my crows feed! I ordered it again  because I would not want to be without it. It works way better than the StriVectin-SD eye cream I used to use. I highly recommend it.

Mario Badescu Control Cream

The control cream was a little different and had a kind of minty smell. It was also slightly tingling on the skin. It’s supposed to help for Rosacea and sensitivity so if you have skin that doesn’t fare well with other products, this one may be the one to try for flaky, dry skin.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

I use this cleansing lotion after I wash my face. It’s actually a toner that is fortified with trace minerals and Witch Hazel to help clean pores and disinfect the skin. I have to admit that I used this consistently in the beginning, but I got lazy and now only use it every now and then – even though the cotton ball always had extra make-up on it when I did use the toner (which means it was working!)  If you’re already used to using a toner in your normal routine, you’ll love this one!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

The Drying Lotion is more for people with acne problems.  In fact, Mario Badescu has an entire line of products that help eliminate acne. This lotion can be used overnight to shrink whiteheads. It also heals and prevents acne from spreading further. It can be used for whiteheads, back and chest acne.

Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion

Whenever anyone asks me if I have any hand lotion I happily give them my Mario. It’s great for healing dry skin and soaks completely into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. My guests are as pleased as I am with this one – I haven’t heard one complaint yet!

I could go on and on with my Mario Badescu reviews because I have used so many of their products and I love them all!  I am not surprised that this is the brand that movie stars use to keep themselves looking young. I will always have it as my preferred skin care product.

Where to Buy Mario Badescu

I understand that the outlet for these products is typically Nordstrom’s but I haven’t seen it in our Nordstrom’s yet. I would rather just order it online anyway. Like I said, you’ll still get the Mario Badescu samples but the difference is YOU get to pick them and not just take what the sales clerk gives you.

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