Mail Forwarding Service Is Not Just For Travelers Anymore

Most people don’t think about mail forwarding because they rarely travel. The only time it might come up is when they buy a house or move to a new apartment. But now that the baby boomers are getting older, there is more of a problem surfacing on what to do with mail while a person is traveling for an extended period of time – or possibly living with someone else if an illness occurs.

We have found that theĀ  problem has been solved with the existence of a special mail forwarding service that will take care of all your mail hassles while you’re away from home – and even while you’re still there!

It’s not a free service like the post office is, but it is a very much technologically advanced way to get your mail while you’re away – and the process couldn’t be easier. You will forward all your mail to the particular company you sign up with. They will then get all of the mail you get now (except for the 3rd class junk mail that is never forwarded.) If some junk mail gets through, don’t worry, you won’t pay for anything that is recognizable as junk! It will be tossed immediately.

That being said, nothing will be thrown away unless it is definitely a piece of junk mail. For example, those little post card advertisements you get in the mail, or credit card applications that are constantly being delivered, or political ads. These come to almost everyone and I can’t imagine how many people actually read them!

But I’m off the track a little. You will still have complete control of your mail as you first view your envelopes online, and then decided if you want the contents scanned. If you do, just select the icon for scanning and you can read what’s inside as soon as it gets back from the scanner.

And, it will be in exactly the same shape that that it was received in. For example, if it was something that was mailed in color, your scanned image will be in color. If it was just a letter, it will look like it’s on letterhead and you will be able to read it just as you did before. The differences in how you read your mail will remain almost the same, but you will be reading it on your computer instead of having to deal with that paper cut before you can start readng your mail.

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