Irvingia Gabonensis Reviews Ingredients of African Mango Extract

When you’re doing research for Irvingia Gabonensis, (also known as African Mango Extract), it’s important to note that all products containing Irvingia Gabonensis are not made the same. Some products only contain African Mango, which makes them less beneficial than those that actually contain the Irvingia and the African Mango EXTRACT. Here’s what we found while doing our Irvingia Gabonensis Reviews.


Is Irvingia Gabonensis Just Another Weight Loss Pill?

As you know, the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. This is because your body is storing excess fat. But what you eat may not be the problem. There are molecular changes that are occurring in your body that are making your body not only store fat, but also making it almost impossible to lose weight; even if you are constantly dieting and exercising! But you really don’t want another weight loss pill that just works on your metabolism, do you?

Why African Mango Extract is Important

Not only do you NOT want to take an Irvingia Gavonensis weight loss supplement that doesn’t have the ingredients you thought you were getting, as I said before, you want to make sure you are getting “African Mango Extract. Why?

The extract is what is proven to give weight loss results of 20 pounds or more in a 10 week time period. It doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just chugged a pot of coffee because it works on the hormone (leptin), which helps break fat cells down into energy. The extract also works on your digestion and as you eat, it tells your brain that you are full faster.

Our Irvingia Gabonensis Reviews found that there are plenty of impostors around in not only the African Mango Extract supplement market, but also that some people are selling Irvingia Gabonensis that is not in its purest form. That’s why when you are looking at where to buy Irvingia Gabonensis, you should make sure that it’s from a reputable company and not just some fly-by-night African Extract supplier.