Emetophobic vs. The Introvert

emetophobia treatmentMaybe you know someone who is very shy and quiet and doesn’t like being around other people. Alternately maybe you know someone who stays inside and they’re actually afraid to go outside. This is the person who might be seeking emetophobia treatment.

The differences between an emetophobic and in introvert are very different. An introvert simply doesn’t like to be around people: they’re shy, quiet individuals and just like to be alone. These people don’t really have a problem other than not having many friends because they never want to do anything. If you have emetophobia on the other hand, you’re actually afraid to go out because you might see somebody throwing up.

And actually you may or may not know that this is the reason you don’t like to go out. All you know is that when somebody mentions going out to a bar or out to eat, you start to sweat and then you start coming up with excuses as to why you won’t be able to make it.

You might actually feel like this is very odd but you can’t remember what exactly happened to cause you to fear the outside.

Unfortunately as much as you can ponder over what might have happened to you in the past, you may not come up with it. Emetophobic’s usually develop this phobia at a very young age. It happens because as a child you may have witnessed something – or experienced something – that had a very negative effect on you. What actually happened might have been so devastating that it’s been filed away in your subconscious and you cannot remember when or why this fear of the outside started.

All you know is that you’re not simply in introvert. Maybe you don’t like to be alone, and maybe you do. But the fact of the matter is you do not like to be away from home and out with other people. Many people who have this social phobia don’t know that there is an emetophobia treatment available, and therefore don’t look for one. And that’s why I’m here to tell you that there is a treatment available for you. I’d also like you to know, that it’s probably not going to be easy.

Just as with anything else, you’re going to have to work to identify what actually happened to cause this phobia. However you can start the recovery process on your own using the emetophobia recovery system. And then if you need more help, there is always somebody available to answer your questions and give you personal advice.

If you really miss the outside and you want to get your life back, this is the best emetophobia treatment available today without actually having to go to a counselor or a psychiatrist first. Click here for the Emetophobia Recovery System.