Emetophobia Treatment FAQ

What is Emetophobia?

Emetohobia is, quite simply, the fear of vomit; but the description is the only thing that’s simple about it. It is a very powerful social disease that has significant life changing effects on the person suffering from it if they do not seek emetophobia treatment.

The reason it’s so life-changing is because, unlike other social phobias, there’s nowhere to run! What I mean by that is:

If you fear the water, you stay away from it! If you don’t like to fly, you just don’t, etc. But the fear of vomit (either that you will or that someone around you will), is so much different than other fears or phobias, it really is a scary thing.

Why is Emetophobia so Difficult to Get Rid of?

Like we said, emetophobia is hard to defeat because of the fact that it is inescapable. It’s not a virus that you can take a pill for; your friends may make fun of you if you tell them why you don’t want to go out at night because “that’s just silly!” After all, it’s very rare that someone does actually throw up around others. Nonetheless, since the emetophobic can’t be completely sure, they can never really enjoy anything they are doing.

The other thing is that because it is a phobia, it all boils down to the fact that you are afraid of yourself – why is this happening to YOU? And what you might do if you see this awful thing; the last thing anyone wants to do is vomit (or see someone else doing that, or have to clean up after that)!

How Did I Become Emetophobic?

Emetophobia usually occurs because of something that happened to you as a child. Perhaps you were very sick at one time and were continually throwing up. Or perhaps you had to care for someone else who was sick. Either way, that condition stuck in your subconscious as the worst thing that ever happened to you and continued to grow until it became a full-blown fear. Now you’re stuck inside; probably with very few friends; and really have no life to speak of!

Is There an Emetophobia Treatment?

Yes, there is! Now that the condition of emetophobia is more fully understood, there most certainly is a treatment for it. This emetophobia treatment is not something that happens overnight. You will learn in stages how to get rid of emetophobia.

The treatment is NOT like treating other phobias where they will make you vomit until you discover that it’s really not so bad. You also won’t be given a bunch of addicting medications or be constantly hypnotized until you remember that awful event. There are no gimmicks or new age nonsense involved in this treatment.
What it IS is getting down to the source of the emetophobic fear response and changing it so it never develops again.

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