Mario Badescu Reviews

My Personal Mario Badescu Reviews I thought I would do Mario Badescu reviews because I own a lot of their products and I just LOVE them. I got started when I received a free sample of products at a trade show; before that I had never heard of them before. What came in their packet was a small cleansing cream some toner and a most excellent sample of hand lotion. All of which were high-quality! I was surprised that they were giving so much away at the show. ==> Note: This is my personal … [Read more...]

Virtual Hairstyles

Virtual Hairstyles Let You See Yourself In The Hairstyle That's Right For You Don't Settle For A Bad Haircut! Try on Virtual Hairstyles and Get The Hairstyle You Know Will Look GREAT! Check out the Virtual Hairstyles and envision how they will look with your face in the picture. Click here to see more virtual hairstyles and get put your face into the picture! - Women ==> View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles! ---- Men ==> Want to have a celebrity hair style? View yourself with the same … [Read more...]