Can You REALLY Eliminate Stretch Marks?

I think I found the best way to eliminate stretch marks!What you need to do is tighten up the skin around the area where the stretch mark is. You see, stretch marks appear after the skin has been stretched by rapid growth or stretching – like when you gain weight.

Usually the skin can bounce back fairly quickly, so slight gains and/or losses don’t have much effect. But when the skin is over stretched, it gets much harder to remove stretch marks because the collagen that is produced naturally is interrupted. Now you don’t have enough collagen protein and the skin is less elastic. Therefore, you will see stretch marks, which are basically scars that were developed to fill in the tissue space.

Many women get stretch marks during pregnancy. The best stretch mark treatment in this area is prevention. Collagen based creams are a good start, but may not be enough.

Here’s a quick video on how to eliminate stretchmarks:


There are also weight loss stretchmarks, and, depending on how much weight you’ve lost, you may be able to totally eliminate stretch marks. However, if you’ve lost a LOT of weight, you may not be able to remove stretch marks altogether, but you can lessen their appearance and in the best case scenario, they will become almost invisible.

Many women have an unending battle with stretch marks, but unfortunately, men can get them too. And bodybuilders get them, when they make their body change at a very quick pace.

Fortunately, stretch marks will turn lighter and practically disappear over time, but for some people it’s a little harder. So, if you’re stretchmarks are not fading and you want to look better in your swimsuit, or even just a pair of shorts, it might be time to eliminate stretch marks using a few easy methods, which I’ll discuss next.