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Dr. Recommended!

Here’s a story of my experience with colon cleanse and detoxifying products while testing the claims of a popular product.

I was reading a Health magazine the other day when I ran across a story about Colon Cleanse products. It had some scary facts about colon cancer; and different ailments that occur as toxins from air, water and food build up in our system.

The article stated that “despite the fact that we eliminate continuously, our bodies are having difficulty keeping up with the demand because we are accumulating an unnatural amount of toxins daily. This toxic overload prevents our overworked organs and colon from finishing all their assigned tasks and as a result, the toxins collect within our system. It also stated that a normal person should have a bowel movement 2-4 times a day for sufficient colon cleanse and detoxify to take place.

Interesting. I’ve never gone that many times a day; I continued to read the full story on the colon cleanse. After that, I was a little afraid that I was full of parasites and crap because I’d never done a colon cleanse before.

However, I do exercise, and eat oat bran for breakfast, so I was sure that I wouldn’t see much of an outcome with a colon cleanse product..

They say it takes a good three months for the body to do a good colon cleanse and detoxify, which made me a bit skeptical that they were just in it for the money, but I got a deal if I ordered more, I loaded up on colon cleanse products.

Here are the claims, and my results. Note: everyone is different, your results may vary.

Improved Digestion, Better Elimination, Less Constipation:

I’ll have to say there was definitely better elimination! I didn’t see much for the first two weeks. About the third week of the colon cleanse something came out that scared me so bad I flushed the toilet before I had time to think about it. To say it was interesting would be an understatement!

I’ve seen pictures of these things on some of the colon cleanse products sites, but I would have never believed I could harbor so much scary material in my 120 pound body. I’m glad I ordered three months, of the colon cleanse and detoxify system, because after that there was no way I was going to stop. What if there was more where that came from?

After while I started to think that I had had the “Grand Finale” as everything seemed to be coming out fine – until the sixth week. Then it happened again! I have to say, I am so glad I did this at home instead of in a doctors office where they inspect everything. OK, enough of that, I think you get the picture. Next claim:

More Energy, Better Nutrient Absorption, Overall Improved Health:

Yes, I definitely had more energy after the colon cleanse (but the detoxify products made me a little tired at first). I usually go to the fitness center and can’t wait to get home again. Now, I’m going more regularly (uh, to the fitness center and to the bathroom!). I also think I got rid of a little bit of arthritis that was trying to get into my right pinky finger. It’s more apparent not that when you detoxify body and colon cleanse, the body becomes more efficient at healing itself. For this I’m grateful because my doctor said the only thing I could do for that arthritis was to get the top of my finger cut off!

Weight loss:

think I lost about five pounds, the weird thing is that even though I didn’t lose much weight, my stomach did feel flatter after the initial colon cleanse.

I highly recommend a three month Colon Cleanse and at a one month detoxify. Now that all those parasites are out of my system, my body can function at it’s peak and strike out diseases before they can progress too far.

Hopefully, if I do the colon cleanse and detoxify a couple times a year, I’ll never have to go to the doctor and be experimented on. A gentle Colon Cleanse fiber drink is much better than losing a finger!

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